Welcome to LPAThe Costa del Sol Real Estate association built on top quality standards and reputation

The Leading Property Agents Of Spain

The LPA is an association of well-established, professionally qualified and reputable real estate agents, sharing a strict code of ethics, who are fully dedicated to giving a highly personal, professional and quality service to their buyer and seller clients, in the promotion and sale of properties in Southern Spain.

LPA shares its properties, its members’ experience, its code of ethics and its members accumulated knowledge with its member colleagues, enabling the possibility to generate business together where, in all likelihood, it would not be possible otherwise, thereby serving both its buyer clients and seller clients more efficiently and more effectively.

Those professionals in the property business who have learned to work together already know the special strength that can be generated through collaboration; the increased professional and personal enjoyment we receive when we are successful in sharing transactions together; and the heightened spirit of friendship and confidence generated with one another when we are able to share our experiences and knowledge with selected colleagues.


Founding Members of LPA



Why the LPA, in the view of our president

The time has come to join hands and work together to bring our real estate sector to a high level of excellence. At LPA we are committed to an industry that is supervised by qualified professionals who contribute to work in a more organized manner. The real estate agencies need an association that looks after our interests and defends the rights of the client. It is a privilege for both me and NVOGA to be able to manage this new phase and to achieve together that the Costa del Sol brand stands out more than ever.

Jose Carlos Leon
President of LPA Association
Founder & Managing Director of NVoga

A historic milestone for Marbella and the Costa del Sol

The founding of LPA, the Leading Property Agents of Spain, is a historic step for Marbella. The profession of real estate agent has had no controls, nor requirements for professional qualification in Andalucia, resulting in a lack of protection for real estate buyers and sellers. The LPA is the first organization of its type headquartered in Marbella and comprised of agencies of proven solvency, experience, integrity and professionalism, sharing a code of professional ethics to elevate the profession itself, in this area. It is an honor for me and my company to be founding member of this important professional association.

Christopher Clover
Honorary President of LPA Association
Founder & Managing Director of Panorama Properties